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Trimlok™ & Trimsyn™ 

Manufactured using high performance syntactic foam, Trimsyn™ syntactic floats are simple to attach. To streamline the attachment of Trimsyn™ floats, we developed the Trimlok™ umbilical clamp. Molded in a marine grade polyurethane elastomer, the clamp is sized to fit around a cable or umbilical providing positive grip without damaging the structure of the umbilical.

Positive connection

A large eyebolt swivel assembly allows the Trimlok™ to remain attached to the float by means of a karabiner and pendant wire.

Easy installation

Trimlok™ eyebolt is suitably sized for operation by cold or gloved hands.

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below application.

ROV trim buoyancy


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Trimsyn & Trimlok

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