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Ulon®Engineered Polyurethane Elastomer

Ulon®is our superior grade of polyurethane elastomer material made of Vulkollan®, which can be customized for use on almost any application area.  As a market leader in terms of performance, its excellent dynamic and mechanical properties make it suitable for a diverse range of demanding engineering applications.  Ulon®is frequently used where other elastic materials cannot meet the required performance demands and tight specifications requested by the end user. 

Made from Vulkollan®

One of the most innovative and technically advanced elastomers in the world - outstanding abrasive, tear and cut resistance.

Excellent performance characteristics for the most demanding engineering applications

High impact resistance, low compression with good sound deadening properties.  Resilient to oil and grease. 

Good operational temperature range

Ranges from -35˚C to 80˚C, with limited periods of up to 120˚C.

Very versatile

ULON can be machined or bonded to metals, elastomers and most plastics.  CAD software is used to ensure parts are manufactured to specified tolerances.

Key Applications

Ulon®is ideal for a vast range of engineering applications and is available in a wide range of hardness from 55-97° Shore A.  The material combines the advantages of rigid plastic, metals and ceramics with the  flexibility of rubber.  Typical engineering applications:

Erosion strips 


Scraper blades

Seals and washers


Wash up / Doctor Blades



Find below some useful documents for download. If you still require further details, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ulon Engineered Polyurethane Elastomer

Ulon®Engineered Polyurethane Elastomer 

Ulon Safety Datasheet MSDS

Ulon®Engineered Polyurethane Elastomer

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