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Pre-Coated Rail system

Trelleborg's Pre-Coated Rail System provides resilient rail support and electrical insulation for rail lengths, using a factory coating process, offering a cost-effective solution that is particularly suited to rail renewal projects.


The Pre-Coated Rail concept offers a way to provide a resilient and electrically insulating coating to both plain rail and special track elements such as turnouts, crossovers and drain boxes.

High quality

The factory process ensures long-term adhesion of the polymer coating to the rail.

Cost control

Our Pre-Coated Rail System reduces the need for wastage contingencies and dimensional variations on site, leading to better control of costs.

Proven in service

Installed in major light rail networks since 1993.

Key Applications

Used in both light and heavy rail applications including:


Bridges & Viaducts

Depot and workshop tracks

Loading facilities


Dockside rails

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Pre Coated Rail System

Pre-Coated Rail System

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