Isodamp and Isoloss - Grommets, Mounts and Isolators

Isodamp and Isoloss - Grommets, Mounts and  Isolators

The interrelated dynamics of multiple motors, fans or blowers, actuators and other mechanisms inside OEM and transportation equipment can present complications that prove nearly impossible to define precisely. In addition, product designers must consider noise control, as well as unpredictable vibration and shock inputs from external sources.  The process of addressing these complications has been simplified with our comprehensive range of standard isolators and mounts molded from proprietary, highly damped Isodamp, VersaDamp thermoplastics and Isoloss elastomer thermosets.

Engineered to control noise, vibration and shock in minimum sway space

Offers a solution for almost any application.

Variety of formulations engineered to perform in discrete temperature ranges

Comprehensive range of products to choose from.

Excellent physical integrity

Soft and pliable yet physically strong.


Easy to install. 

Key Applications

Isodamp & Isoloss - Grommets / Isolators are used in a variety of equipment such as:






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Isodamp and Isoloss – Grommets, Mounts and Isolators

Isodamp/Isoloss - grommets and Isolators 

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