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LEXSYS®-modular is a unique lightweight exhaust line system for combustion engines, gensets and other industrial applications. This flexible exhaust line system distinguishes itself from other systems by its low weight, modular construction and cost reduction for the owner or shipyard by using prefabricated twin-wall components.
This system can replace the traditionally heavy and hard-to-handle pipelines and connections by its modular design and makes the use of compensators unnecessary due to inner system absorption. LEXSYS®-modular can easily be installed with battery-operated tools only. As a result, the use of LEXSYS®-modular leads to significant time and cost-saving.


The outer wall and inner walls of LEXSYS®-modular are made of stainless steel. The cavity is pre-insulated with impregnated mineral wool. The maximum length of such a twin-wall modular element is 1 meter and weighs well under 30kg. Compared to conventional exhaust line systems this innovative solution leads to a weight-reduction of at least 50% up to 75% while preserving quality, lifetime and operational advantages of a conventional flexible exhaust line system.

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