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Raising the bar

At Trelleborg, we work actively and systematically with our core processes. We continuously raise the bar to keep efficiency and customer value in focus. We strive to be a safe workplace and to minimize all waste.

The responsibility for follow-up and improvement of key environmental indicators such as energy, climate, waste, emissions and water lies within the framework of our strategic initiative Manufacturing Excellence. Health & safety issues are managed within our Safety@Work program. 



We work to increase our resource efficiency by reducing the consumption of energy in our production. Trelleborg’s initiative for systematic energy optimization, Energy Excellence, has been introduced at all production units and resulted in lower energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.


After Trelleborg succeeded in 2015 with accomplishing its “15 by 15” climate goal, a new challenging goal has been set for end 2020 – “20 by 20” (based on 2015 as the reference year). The aim is to reduce direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions by at least 20 percent relative to sales.


We work to reduce the consumption of raw materials in our production, and by finding ways to improve the recovery of materials from production waste that we cannot reduce or avoid.


In addition to energy-related emissions – such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides, the company’s emissions to air primarily comprise volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Our total water consumption includes water used in production and, for example, sanitary water. Water consumption is critical only in areas of physical and economic water scarcity.


We take into account the effects of the chemical substances used in our products and processes on the environment, health and safety. The responsible management of chemicals includes phase-out of those deemed as being of high concern.
Health safety

Health & Safety

We safeguard the health & safety of all our employees by maintaining good health & safety standards wherever we operate and by working to minimize the risks and effects of accidents.

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