Performance and responsibility go hand in hand for Trelleborg employees

Performance and responsibility go hand in hand for Trelleborg employees

Companies that seek skilled new employees must clearly specify their values, both in terms of core business and the companies’ social responsibility. Trelleborg’s employer brand is an extension of its internal values – Customer focus, Performance, Innovation and Responsibility.

We call you Trelleborg potentialTrelleborg employees are expected to assume considerable responsibility at an early stage, which results in substantial scope for development. A positive effect connected to this method is that the Group develops dedicated corporate managers – a training ground both within and outside the Trelleborg Group.

“Our shared value ‘responsibility’ entails that we not only fulfill requirements for financial results, but also take clear environmental and social responsibility. Our employer brand is a way to show what Trelleborg stands for, now and in the future,” says Patrik Romberg, who coordinates the Group’s employer branding efforts.

A project is under way to further strengthen Trelleborg as an attractive employer. With the aim of attracting, developing and retaining employees, a range of activities are being conducted within all three of these areas. These include a trainee program that will take place in 2009/2010, participation in labor market days and direct cooperation with universities and colleges.

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