Corporate governance

Corporate governance 

A key feature of the Trelleborg Group’s culture and core values is effective corporate governance with the purpose of supporting the Board of Directors and management in their efforts to increase customer benefits and achieve greater value and transparency for shareholders.
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Governance model

The responsibility for management and control of the Trelleborg Group is distributed between the shareholders, the Board of Directors, its elected committees and the President, as illustrated below. 

Trelleborg Gorvernance model

Accounting principles

Accounting principles

The Parent Company, Trelleborg AB (publ) is a limited liability company with its registered office in Trelleborg, Sweden. The Parent Company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Basis of preparation
The Trelleborg Group’s financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, RFR 1 Supplementary Accounting Rules for Corporate Groups and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and IFRIC interpretations, as approved by the EU. The Group’s financial state-ments have been prepared in accordance with the cost method, with the excep-tion of certain financial instruments that were valued at fair value.
The Parent Company applies the same accounting policies as the Group, except in the instances stated below under “Parent Company’s accounting policies”. The differences arising between the Parent Company and the Group’s accounting policies are attributable to limitations on the ability to apply IFRS in the Parent Company, primarily as a result of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

Trelleborg's accounting principles in the Annual Report 2015 note 1 (pdf)

Classification of income and expenses in the Income Statement 
To harmonize the reporting within Trelleborg’s business areas, minor adjustments have been made in the classification of some income and expenses in the Income Statement.
This has led to minor changes in Net Sales and Other Operating Income. Further, certain expenses earlier reported as SAR (Sales, Administration, & Research) costs now are classified as COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold).

Updated quarterly figures for 2014 are found below:

Classification of income and expenses in the Income Statement (excel)

Related Document 

Read more about Trelleborg's accounting principles and risk management in the Annual Report 2015. 

Annual Report 2015 Note 1


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Articles of Association 

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Annual General Meeting 

The Annual General Meeting of Trelleborg AB (publ) was held on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Board of Directors and Auditors 


Internal Control

Internal Control

Trelleborg has defined internal control as a process that is influenced by the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the President, Group Management and other employee.

Risk Management

All business activities involve risk. Risks that are effectivly managed may lead to opportunities and value creation, while risks that are not managed correctly could result in damage and losses. 

Organization and group management