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Solutions that seal, damp and protect


We shall be the customers' first choice in our selected market segments, creating value through high-performance solutions.

Our Business Model
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Business Concept
We seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Our customers can rely on engineered solutions based on leading polymer technology and unique applications knowledge.
Trelleborg’s strategy is to secure leading positions in selected  segments. This means that we seek niches that – by virtue of our applications knowledge and range of advanced products and solutions – provide market leadership. While leading positions are attained mainly through organic growth, bolt-on acquisitions are also implemented to strengthen market presence and the product range. We are also moving downstream in the value chain, toward more advanced products and total solutions, based on close collaboration with customers in early stages of development.
Trelleborg has defined four strategic cornerstones that support the strategy: Improved structure, Portfolio optimization, Geographic balance,  and Excellence.

How we build value generation

Polymer engineering. Within our selected segments, we have pioneered applied polymer-engineering and materials technology for more than a century.
Local presence, global reach. Wherever we conduct business, our teams act both as a local partner and leverage our global strength and capabilities.
Applications expertise. We have leading-edge technology and in-depth understanding of the challenges our customers must overcome to seal, damp and protect their critical applications.
Customer integration. We always make it easy to do business with us, by integrating closely with markets and customers through multiple channels.
Business accelerator. We work as a proactive and long-term business partner, delivering solutions based on market foresight, contributing to better business for our customers.


Our internal culture
Trelleborg’s employee and leadership culture is characterized by a customer focus, freedom with responsibility, knowledge development, leadership and a local base. This is combined with responsibility for the environment, ethical relationships with customers and suppliers and a positive interaction with society.

Adding value. In our supplier and production chain, we source and transform raw materials and components into finished solutions. The processes require additives, energy and water. Work is constantly ongoing to optimize resource efficiency and prevent and reduce risks.

To ensure that the strategies are implemented, ongoing activities are defined that are continuously followed up. These can take the form of, for example, growth initiatives, portfolio development, operational efficiency, talent management and innovation initiatives.

Core values
Our core values, a joint Code of Conduct and a corporate governance charter provide the framework for operations and create a stable, responsible and sustainable Group that benefits all of Trelleborg’s stakeholders. Sustainability is an integral part of the business strategy.
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