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Daring designs for tough environments

Checker creates the right atmosphere in shops, offices, stairways, corridors and entrances etc. It is also excellent for terminals, universities, libraries and other public areas.

Checker is instantly recognized thanks to its characteristic checker plate pattern and bright surface. The shine helps to emphasise the high quality of the flooring while adding a little extra to your carefully planned interiors. Checker comes in a wide range of bold and bright shades - there are 28 different colours to choose from!

Checker is a construction of three layers, so called sandwich construction

The surface- and the middle layer are made of SBR. The layers are vulcanized into a homogenous material. The checker patterned surface layer is durable and non-slip. The softer middle layer dampens noise from footfall, insulates against cold and heat and it is comfortable for your feet whether you are standing or walking on it.

The polyester backing makes it possible to use a water-based adhesive that is friendly to the environment. It's supplied in rolls which makes fitting easier and results in fewer joints.

Checker is fire resistant, electrically insulating and has high chemical resistance, colour fastness and dimension stability.

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