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Checker® Stud

Strong and silent

Checker Stud is the perfect choice in public areas with heavy pedestrian traffic such as terminals, corridors, waiting rooms, airports, libraries and shops.

It has an extremely wear resistant studded surface with a classical lozenge pattern. The middle layer of softer rubber is sound reducing and comfortable when standing and walking for a longer time. The polyester backing allows for the use of a water based adhesive that is friendly to the environment. The floor is insulating against cold and heat. It is PVC-free and its natural raw materials can be recycled. The material is supplied in rolls, making floor-laying easier and reducing the the number of joints.

Checker Stud is fire resistant and electrically insulating, it has a high chemical resistance, colour fastness and dimension stability. Although the surface is bright, it is not as pronounced as Checker thanks to the use of more earthy colours like olive green, marine blue, wine red and several shades of brown and green. This discreet, hardwearing flooring offers virtually unlimited possibilities to match your interior design.

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