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NPC Kor-N-Seal Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors

NPC Kor-N-Seal Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors
Flexible, Watertight Seals Designed for Sewer, Stormwater and Drainage Applications...

The first NPC Kor-N-Seal Pipe-to-Manhole Connector was introduced over 35 years ago and continues to be the most widely used flexible connector in sanitary sewer applications throughout the world.
All of our connectors are either molded or extruded to exact specifications and are available to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes.
  • Meet ASTM C923 Specifications
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Shipped as Complete Assemblies

Link106/406 Series - Designed for smaller diameter pipe

- To accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes (up to 6") with a single connector.

Link206 Series
- For larger diameter pipe

Link306 Series
- To fit larger pipe into smaller diameter manholes (18" - 42")

Link506 Series - Designed specifically for Stormwater Applications.  

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