Trelleborg TM Blue; the newest option on AGCO tractors

26 June 2012

A new partnership with an AGCO plant in Jackson, Minnesota means Trelleborg’s TM Blue™ is reaching a wider audience.

Trelleborg agricultural tires have been selected as the premium offering for all Challenger and Massey Ferguson High Horse Power Tractors manufactured at the AGCO plant located in Jackson, Minnesota, U.S.

TM Blue

“This collaboration between two leading companies in the agricultural business is an excellent opportunity to provide customers in North America with state-of-the-art technology and service,” says Andrea Masella, Marketing Manager of Agricultural and Forestry Tires, Trelleborg North America. “Farmers are becoming extremely interested in the topic of sustainable farming. Trelleborg’s TM Blue™ technology offers the highest respect for the environment as well as superior productivity and lower fuel consumption.”

The TM Blue™ concept is developed to respect the structure of the soil and preserve its organic life by minimizing mechanical damage caused by compression and bad or wrong tillage. This is achieved with its extra wide footprint, carcass deflection capability and the consequent overall pressure distribution on the field. The tire allows the soil to return to its original state as an organic reactor that is capable of absorbing air-bound nutrients, recycling crop residues and retaining water to ensure high crop yields in the short, medium and long term.

Environmental Economy

The concept incorporates the unique tread design used throughout the TM range. This is characterized by its inter-lug terracing that gives excellent self-cleaning properties, a higher traction capability under torque conditions and less soil transfer to roads. The shape of the lug and damping capability of the carcass guarantee low vibration, significantly reducing the stress on the driver for comfort on the road and benefiting operator health.

In addition, the TM Blue™ concept contributes to a much reduced fuel consumption and consequent substantial lowering in CO2 emissions. For a tractor of 260 Hp during road application, TM Blue can save up to 3,000 fuel liters which means about 2,550 EUR per year, compared to the average performance of the market (reference sizes 710/70R42 – 600/70R30).

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