Oil Offloading Lines order won

02 June 2011

SBM Offshore – a market leader in offshore terminals – has placed a major order with Trelleborg Engineered Systems for two Oil Offloading Lines (OOL).

Designed for oil projects in deep water
Trelleborg’s 24 inch/ 600 mm large bore bonded rubber and steel armor hose system – Trelline – has been specifically designed in partnership with SBM Offshore for oil projects in deep water.
Trelline is a high-performance alternative to steel or unbonded flexible pipe and the two OOLs 2.1 km long will be delivered to a major offshore oil production project in Angola during 2012/13.

Meeting a 20-year design life
Trelleborg scope comprises engineering, procurement, supply, testing and qualification to meet a 20-year design life according to API 17K guidelines.
“Extracting oil from deep sea at depths of up to 3,000 meters is a complicated process that imposes rigorous demands on the equipment used,” says Lennart Johansson, Business Area President, Trelleborg Engineered Systems.
In partnership with SBM Offshore
“The challenge is to ensure oil can be safely and efficiently transported from the source. The mooring of tankers close to an offshore platform, or FPSO, is a critical operation due to the risk of collision, which is why remote offloading via deep water buoys is often used.”
Trelline was developed in 2000 in partnership with SBM Offshore. Trelline is now being used in areas offshore to the west and north of Africa as well as in the North Sea.

Hoses form a flexible pipeline up to two kilometers
The product comprises a 39 foot/ 12-meter hose segment which has an inner diameter ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches/ 300 mm to 600 mm. The hoses can be bolted together to form up to a two kilometer floating or subsea flexible pipeline.
Installation of Trelline is facilitated by the hose system floating when it is filled with air. With its flexibility, the hose system can be transported to the site by standard vessels.

Costs can be kept low
Overall costs are kept low thanks to the offshore installation requiring only a deep water installation vessel, as opposed to specialized pipe-laying vessel. As such, the method is particularly time efficient.

“Trelline is able to meet rigorous demands and possesses several advantageous properties compared with other materials. For example, in terms of weight, flexibility, insulation, resistance to mechanical fatigue and corrosion, low cost of installation and maintenance,” concludes Lennart Johansson.

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