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Tug Fenders

Tug fenders must work harder, for longer and under more extreme conditions than any other fender type.

Tugs may be fitted with up to four types of fender – each type serving a particular application. As many tugs become more powerful, some exceeding 100t bollard pull, choosing the right type, size and arrangement of fenders becomes critical.

Cylindrical Tug Fenders

Cylindrical Tug Fenders

Fitted to the bow/stern of tugs and usually used to push against flared hulls and in open sea conditions.

Block & Cube Tug Fenders

Block & Cube Tug Fenders

Block and Cube fenders provide large contact surfaces for low hull pressures.Their grooved surfaces provide exceptional grip.

M - Fenders

M - Fenders

M - Fenders have a large and flexible contact face which exerts a low pressure during pushing operations.

W - Fenders

W - Fenders

W - Fenders are made for the most extreme operating conditions.

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