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The Smarter Approach

Better connected systems mean faster turnaround and increased throughput, improved safety and lower operating costs. Connecting decades of experience with a new, smarter approach to port and terminal equipment optimization, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation helps ports and terminals deploy smart, engineered solutions for port approach, berthing, docking and mooring. This enables better informed real-time and strategic decision making, both onshore and on board the vessel.

From port owners and operators to consulting engineers, Trelleborg works with customers to determine best fit solutions for specific applications, and supply a fully integrated solution. End-to-end service and a comprehensive product portfolio meet and exceed customer needs, enhancing safety and improving efficiency in all marine environments, from conception to completion and beyond. 

Products, Solutions & Services

Cone Fenders - Philippines

Marine Fenders

Trelleborg provides bespoke high performance fenders manufactured in accordance with PIANC's guidelines. 
Oil and Gas Transfer

Oil & Gas Transfer

Trelleborg's marine systems operation is the world leader in oil and gas transfer safety systems.
Ship Performance

Ship Performance

Trelleborg's ship performance systems provide owners and operators with huge fuel savings.
Docking and mooring

Docking & Mooring

With over 30 years’ experience, Trelleborg provides cutting-edge docking and mooring systems all over the world.
Navigation buoys - UK

Surface Buoyancy

Backed by our proven competencies in polymer engineering, Trelleborg provides a comprehensive range of resilient foam buoys and fendering solutions.
Service and Support

Service & Support

We offer full aftersales service and support including comprehensive training and maintenance programs that can be customized to the needs of the application and equipment involved.

Featured Resources

Rubber Fenders Mixing it up

Rubber Fenders - Mixing it up 

Discover how you can ensure superior fender performance through rubber and ingredient mixing and compound modulus.
Webinar - Assuring Fender Performance

Assuring Fender Performance

This webinar details new developments in the marine fender industry pertaining to rubber fender performance.  
Fender Application Design Manual

Fender Application Design Manual

A comprehensive guide to fender design, based on PIANC’s latest recommendation and other internationally recognized codes of practice.
Emergency Shutdown Link - Ship Shore Link

Combined ESDS & SSL

Trelleborg’s new Combined Emergency Shut Down & Ship-Shore Link system is the latest cutting-edge development designed to work in both large & small scale LNG transfer and fuelling.

Featured News

Markets & Applications

We supply state of the art solutions and services for all marine applications.  From commercial terminals to FSRUs, our broad product offering can be found throughout the shipping industry. Our entire product range is designed, manufactured and tested in house, meaning we can provide a truly end to end service that is completely tailored to the needs of your application and market.  We’re in it for the long term: our service does not stop at installation. If you work with us, we’ll be on hand, on site, whenever you need us to offer the training, operational and maintenance support you need to ensure optimum performance.

Ports and Terminals

Ports & Terminals

We have an extensive product offering for ports and terminals, from the latest fender systems to docking and mooring solutions.  Our oil and gas transfer solutions have been at the forefront of the LNG industry for decades, and all our solutions are backed by the reassurance of committed service and support.



From docking aid systems to ensure a safe berth, to ship performance management systems that help to reduce costs, Trelleborg’s broad product portfolio enhances efficiency and safety on board many types of ships.                                  

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