Group Strategy & Strategic Cornerstones - Trelleborg AB

Group Strategy &  Strategic Cornerstones

Trelleborg’s strategy is to secure leading positions in selected segments. This means that Trelleborg seeks segments, niches and product categories that – by virtue of the Group’s market insights, core capabilities and offering of advanced products and solutions – provide market leadership. In this manner, long-term shareholder value and added value are generated for customers.

Trelleborg works with the strategy, both Group-wide and in the business areas, supported by four strategic cornerstones that – individually and in combination – underpin the strategy.

The strategic cornerstones

Geographic balance
In recent years, Trelleborg has prioritized strengthening its market presence in selected markets outside Western Europe and North America to further improve the geographic balance.

The principal drivers include proximity to customers in expanding and profi table segments, following them in their global ization processes and developing local customer relationships, which may become global.

Portfolio optimization
Trelleborg is driven by the interaction between organic and acquired growth. The Group pursues focused daily activities involving a number of growth initiatives at different levels and in different areas. To establish operations at a faster pace or to strengthen the positions in selected segments, niches or product segments, Trelleborg also carries out bolt-on acquisitions.

Structural improvements
The globalization of Trelleborg’s business involves being in the right location with the right operations. 

Trelleborg invests in attractive market segments and ensures optimal market presence as well as an effective and competitive business structure. Trelleborg also invests in new technology and machinery, human capital, international management, local managers and development of local markets, all with the aim of improving and honing its structure.

Trelleborg works proactively and systematically to further optimize the core processes: production, purchasing, capital management and sales. The objective is Excellence: to eliminate all types of waste, and to instead use these resources to continuously improve operation and profitability. 

The long-term aim of the Excellence programs is to boost value generation for Trelleborg’s customers through systematic work with tools, training, exchange of experience and other improvement activities at all operations.

Strategy results
Trelleborg is today a world leader in engineered polymer solutions. The Group’s geographic balance and portfolio of operations has evolved and improved, while its market positions have strengthened.

The Group has a solid platform for continued improvements for leading positions in selected segments. 

Geographic distribution of the Trelleborg Group's net sales in 2016 (2009)*

* Distribution does not necessarily reflect Trelleborg’s market exposure or the actual end market for the Group’s products and solutions, but merely invoicing addresses.