Financial Targets

Financial Targets

Trelleborg applies ambitious financial targets that reflect the Group’s aim to increase value generation and become a world leader in selected markets and geographical segments. 

Organic growth 1)
Target: Average annual organic growth over an economic cycle should be at least 5 percent. In addition, further growth will occur through bolt-on acquisitions. 

Outcome: In 2015, organic sales growth was -2 percent (-1), reflecting the challenging market conditions in several segments

Operating margin 1)
Target: The operating margin should be at least 12 percent.

Outcome: In 2015, the operating margin was 13.0 percent (13.3), mainly resulting from continued high efficiency and cost control.

Return on equity 2)
Target: The long-term return on equity should be at least 15 percent.

Outcome: In 2015, return on equity was 14.3 percent (13.7), a result of Trelleborg’s long-term efforts to streamline and rationalize production, sales and capital utilization, among other activities.

1)Continuing operations excluding participations in TrelleborgVibracoustic and excluding items affecting comparability 
2)Continuing operations including participations in TrelleborgVibracoustic and including items affecting comparability