"Prins der Nederlanden", a Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger equiped with high quality hoses and other solutions manufactured by Trelleborg.
Trelleborg Dredging Hoses are the best choice for reclamation and dredging works at harbors, rivers and seas. The dredging industry demands higher efficiency and bigger capacity as the scale of reclamation works and dredging works has become much larger and discharge lines of such works have become much longer. Dredging hoses and seals today face extremely severe service conditions. Trelleborg has developed dredging hoses and seals to withstand such severe conditions with our advanced technologies and rich experiences in the polymer industry.
Our performance enjoys a great deal of confidence; flagships of the international dredger fleet are equipped with our products. Every dredging company will find all the hoses and flexible connections, such as pre-shaped rubber bends, it needs in our product range.
Dredging Products
As high as a house or as long as a road
Our production is geared for short delivery times and we can make any hose required, the height of a house or the length of a street.

The biggest diameter we can vulcanize is 4 metres. We can make hoses in lengths up to 30 metres, depending on the construction. And we can make practically any hoses diameter within a range from 50 mm to 2000 mm.

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