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The Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm is the first big wind farm build in the North Sea off the Dutch coast.
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Other Civil Engineering

Trelleborg also design and produces rubber solutions for many other civil engineering projects such as sluices, dry docks, locks and strom surge barriers.

There are 4 types of sealing technology:

  • compression
  • self activating
  • inflation
  • membrane

For the Rotterdam and Saint Petersburg storm surge barriers we supplied specially designed bearings


A well known compression seal application is the Gina gasket in an immersed tunnel. After immersion an Omega seal is installed as the eternal seal, which is an example of the membrane technology.

Sluices or barriers are often provided with a compression seal at the bottom of the sluice door and self activating lip seals along the walls.


Picture: Eastern Scheldt Storm Barrier

Picture: Shiplift Strepy Thieu


The shiplift of Strepy Thieu - Belgium is one of the engineering miracles in the world. Ships are hoisted over 70 m, thereafter they sail away in a canal. The aquaduct is provided with omega seals at the construction joints and an inflatable seal between the lift and the canal.

The aquaduct in Magdenburg - Germany  uses the biggest Omega seals, width 1400 mm, in order to accomodate axial movements up to 70 cm.

For the Millennium Eye, the famous landmark in Londin, Trelleborg engineered very special bearings as well. 
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