Buildings - Acoustic and Vibration Isolation

In urban areas the need for underground construction is increasing more and more. Tunnels for cars, trains and subways have to reduce the traffic problems in these areas. In order to finance this infrastructure the ground near or on top of the tunnel shall be developed for buildings. In locations where the traffic causes unacceptable levels of vibration in the foundations the buildings must be isolated by bearings. Trelleborg Ridderkerk designs and manufactures these bearings under the brand ANDRE.

Los Angeles, Cathedral of Our Lady


In seismic areas it is essential to protect the infrastructure, such as bridges, hospitals and other buildings. For vibration isolation these structures are supported by special elastomeric steel composite bearings.

Los Angeles, Disney Concert Hall

Our vibration isolation projects include the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, 201 Bishopsgate in London, the RACM building in Amersfoort the Netherlands.  Our seismic isolation projects include The Cathedral of Our Lady of The Angels in Los Angeles and a bridge in Istanbul, Turkey.



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