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Subsea Thermal Insulation

Due to the possible risk of clogging of subsea oil and gas piping by wax and hydrate formation, thermal insulation is necessary and recommended especially for deep-sea projects. The need for thermal insulation is generally governed by oil and gas temperature and the distance from the subsea well to the platform or FPSO.

Trelleborg's Vikotherm™ subsea thermal insulation is a solid rubber-based coating, practically incompressible, seawater resistant, impact resistant, has very good thermal insulation properties, and provides maximum corrosion protection.  It is designed to last the life of the subsea projects (20~40 years), is maintenance free, and will normally never be replaced.

The Vikotherm™ insulative elastomer coating system is a development based on ordinary rubber technology. The Vikotherm™ material consists of a rubber elastomer chemically modified to give a very high insulating property while maintaining its inherent rubber properties as far as sea water resistance, pressure resistance, mechanical properties and temperature are concerned.
Main Features:
  • Thermal insulation designed for deep sea applications
  • Provides maximum corrosion and impact resistance
  • Chemically bonded to substrate
  • Pressure resistance down to approx. 2000m
  • Maintenance free

    Resistant to:
    • High temperatures (95° ~ 120°C)
    • High pressure (approx. 200 bar)
    • Trawl board impact
    • Seawater
    • Cathodic disbondment
    Project References
    • Arnold (Marathon) 
    • Bonga (Shell) 
    • Girassol (TotalFinaElf) 
    • Lufeng (Statoil) 
    • Troll B (Norsk Hydro) 
    • Troll Pilot (Norsk Hydro) 
    • Zafiro (ExxonMobil)
    550m depth
    1100m depth
    1200m depth
    300m depth
    300m depth
    350m depth
    800m depth
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