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Expansion joints Teguflex®

TEGUFLEX®, the leading names of rubber expansion joints, offers solutions for your pipe system regarding thermal elongation, misalignments, vibrations and noise reduction.

Standard expansion joints

A wide range of moulded standard bellows up to 1000 mm with a large variety of rubber linings to meet almost all kinds of medium.
Easy to install with good performance and long service life.


Building length: 100 mm
Dimensions: DN 25 - DN 150


Building length: 130 mm
Dimensions: DN 25 - DN 300


Building length: 150 - 300 mm
Dimensions: DN 25 - DN 1000

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Customized expansion joints

We offer you the opportunity of designing and manufacturing a tailor-made full faced rubber flanges expansion joint to cover the most constraining applications, in term of dimensions, fluid, temperatures, admissible movements, etc...


Full-faced rubber flange bellow
Loose steel flanges with supporting collar giving a smooth movement to the bellow.
High convolution and therefore highly flexible.
Compensate for high movements due to its low inherent resistance.
Building length: 250 / 300 mm.
Dimensions: DN 200 - DN 2800. 


Full-faced rubber flange bellow
Integrated steel flanges.
Gives small reaction forces, providing high reliability and long service life.
Designed for vacuum 0,8-1,0 bar as standard.
Building length: on request.
Dimensions: on request, up to DN 3200.


We offer you the option of designing and manufacturing all types of special expansion joint as conical, square, multi-convolutions, no convolution, etc...


         Vacuum Ring

           PTFE lining

          Flame Guard

     PTFE Safety Shield



Installation Guidelines

Please find below, guidelines how to install the different types of expansion joints and what to be careful with, as well as, how to calculate for the thrust on the fixing points of the pipes.
Full-Faced Expansion Joints installation
Turnable Flanges Expansion Joints installation

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