Skirting grades and scrapers

The installation of these special wear-resistant rubber sheeting materials reduce risk of operational breakdowns. It helps industries that handle highly abrasive materials to combat wear, noise and dust.

Skirting Rubber
Conveyor side protection against carried abrasive products, dust or water projection.
Belt Scrappers
Combi-scrapper rubber for granulated and washed materials, in order to clean the conveyor belt.
Snow scrappers 
Wide range of combined rubber bands to cover snow trucks scrappers. Their use increases road maintenance quality.
Ref Color Hardness
Shore A
BLACKSKIRT Black 50 Skirting
GREENSKIRT Green 55 Skirting
SANDWICH Black/Red/Black 60/45/60 Scrappers

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Historically, compounds have different commercial names in each market.
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