Fire protection

Fireproof, self-extinguishing rubber flooring, joints and sheeting, with low-toxicity, highly transparent smoke.

Our fireproof sheeting and flooring were initially designed to resist fire and prevent it from spreading for heavy industries, electric companies and electronic component manufacturers or for use in military equipment.

However, specific industrial requirements and regulations for materials installed in public spaces and public transport facilities later led us to extend the fireproof range to comply with new demands such as low smoke emission or non-toxicity.
The degree of flammability and combustion of our products has been tested in external laboratories, where smoke emissions have also been analysed to determine their optical density (degree of transparency) and toxicity level.
Fire resistant rubberOur products have obtained the following certification:
• EN 13501-1 (Euroclass)
• NF P 92-507-75 (France)
• BS 476 (UK)
• BS6853 (UK)
• UNE 23727-90 (Spain)
• DIN 4102-1 (Germany)

M2F1 and Bfl-s1 Classification
Our products are backed by the classifications M2f1 (as per UNE 23727-90) and Bfl-s1 (as per EN 13501-1):
• They are self-extinguishing
• They have a low smoke density
• They are non-toxic and halogen-free
They therefore comply with all the fire performance and smoke toxicity requirements for installation in public buildings and on transport facilities.

Our RDI team is aware that each industrial environment has different requirements, and so it has developed the à-la-carte range of fireproof, self-extinguishing sheeting, able to meet a wide range of global market needs, combining fire resistance with other properties such as abrasion, oil and grease resistance and dielectric properties.
Consult our sales team to find out which grade will best suit your needs.

Developed for use in public spaces and mass public transport where fire safety is a priority: underground railways, trains, ships, discothèques, sports facilities, etc.
Its excellent wear resistance guarantees the product a long life, and it is therefore recommended for installation in high traffic areas, both indoors and outdoors.
The designs available with fireproof qualities are shown in the flooring section of this website, or consult our experts for more detailed information.
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