Electrical safety

Insulating or conductive anti-static dielectric rubber flooring, profiles and sheeting, designed for your electrical safety and protection.

Rubber is one of the most common electrical insulators, thanks to its excellent dielectric and mechanical qualities such as flexibility, vibration damping and wear resistance. Our dielectric qualities are specially designed to provide electrical insulation, withstanding voltages of 30,000 - 60,000 volts, depending on the thickness.
Dissipative and conductive anti-static grades are also available. 
electrical protection

Electrical safety and protection
Regulating standards differ according to the scope and geographical area. These standards stipulate a minimum voltage that material of a certain thickness must withstand.
Our formulations comply with the following regulations, among others:
•BS 921
•NF C 18-420
•CEI IEC EN 60243-1

Our dielectric products are distributed by leading European companies in electrical safety and protection. 


Our range of dielectric sheeting combines different degrees of electrical resistance with other characteristics required in accordance with the product final destination. We therefore offer dielectric sheeting that is also resistant to abrasion, oil or ozone, at high temperatures, and even fireproof.

Consult our sales team to find out which grade will best suit your needs.

Non-slip, weather-resistant and available in different dielectric strengths. It complies with the most rigorous criteria for certification as a material suitable for constructions with high safety demands, e.g. military vessels.

The designs available with dielectric qualities are shown in the flooring section of this website, or consult our experts for more detailed information. 
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