SBR rubber sheeting


SBR rubber sheeting has good mechanical properties with the added advantage of better resistance to high temperatures and ageing. As a result it is commonly used in the mining industry and in industrial environments subject to high abrasion where materials guaranteeing a long working life and optimum efficiency are required.



  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • More resistant to ageing and temperature than Natural Rubber. These properties can be improved further by careful compounding.
  • Temperature range: -50º C to +110º C.
  • SBR materials tend to have only moderate resistance to tearing, ozone and general weathering.
  • Good resistance to many inorganic chemical products.
  • Limited resistance to mineral oils; not recommended for use with oxidising acids and general organic liquids



SBR rubber sheetingApplications 

   Mining and quarrying 
   Aggregate processing industries 
   Shot blasting cabins  
   Tile industries     
   Skirting grades and scrapers 



 Our products

Ref Color Hardness
Shore A
R608 Black 65 Basic quality. General use
RF48 Black 65 Standard level quality
R661 White 68 Standard level quality
Scandinavian market 
Ref Color

Shore A

1729 Black 70 Sealing
611729 Black 65 Sealing
310 Black 65 Sealing, mining and quarring
2484 White / Beige 70 Sealing

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