Waterproofing band

Flexible joint and crack sealing system formerly known as Hypalon® Band

Our waterproofing band is an excellent flexible expansion joint and crack sealing and repair system. It is a long term solution as it provides perfect sealing on a great variety of materials: cement, metal, PVC, etc.
This flexible band features a balanced combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance that makes it appropriate for:
  • Expansion joints
  • Steel, cast iron, concrete, PVC cracks
  • Sealing systems for: Foundations, buried elements and conduits; Basements, underground garages, multi-storey car park terraces; Tunnels; Tanks, cisterns, ponds and silos; Pools; Channeling systems; Bridges.

Download brochure [pdf, 135 kb



hypalon band

hypalon band hypalon band



hypalon band




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  • Appropriate for application on a great variety of materials.
  • Impermeable to water, air and steam.
  • Highly weather, ozone and UV resistant.
  • High flexibility to enable other movements apart from expansion and contraction.
  • Good resistance to chemicals.
  • Wide working temperature range.
  • Odourless.



  • Easy and quick installation (no activation needed)
  • Appropriate for application on a great variety of materials.
  • Side drillings for easy sticking


Download installation guide [pdf, 120 kb]
Adhesive [pdf, 90 kb]  


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 The current technical information has been carefully checked and given in good faith but it is not exempted from possible typing errors.

Historically, compounds have different commercial names in each market.
Our sales department can help you to find the quality that you need.

Please, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you in anyway we can.


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