EPDM sheeting


EPDM sheeting is one of the most versatile types of rubber sheeting and is the most suitable for outdoor applications. It is highly resistant to ageing, even when exposed to the most aggressive external conditions: steam, UV rays, ozone, saltpetre or extreme weather conditions.

EPDM sheeting maintains its properties even when subjected to a wide range of temperature differences. As a result it is consistently used in general industry and in construction, marine and outdoor applications.



  • EPDM rubber sheetingExcellent inherent high and low temperature ranges. Typically -45º C to +120º C for standard compounds.
  • Special compounding can increase some grades to function continually at +140 º C.
  • EPDM is inherently resistant to attack by oxygen, U.V., Ozone and extreme weather environments, and will give long service in these conditions.
  • EPDM does not have good adhesion properties.
  • Resistance to Chemicals; resistant to many chemicals and solvents. Good resistance to many corrosive chemicals. The performance of EPDM in hot water and high pressure steam is better than in dry heat.



Food Industries


Our products
Ref Color     Hardness    
Shore A
Applications Norms
EF51 Black 65 Standard level quality
E569 White 60 Food industry EU 1935/2004
E550 Black 50 Technical applications
ES02 Black 60 Technical applications
ES01 Black 70 Technical applications
ES03/Perox Black 70  High temperature appl.

Scandinavian market
Ref Color     Hardness    
Shore A
Applications Certificates
7001 Black 70 Sealing / Outdoor / Ozone resistant
7002 Black 60 Sealing / Outdoor / Ozone resistant FMVSS 302
7003 Black 70 Sealing / Outdoor / Ozone resistant / High temperature  Peroxid cured
70551 Black 50 Sealing / Outdoor / Ozone resistant
70569 White 60 Sealing / Food industry FDA
708685 Black 65 Sealing / Industry EPDM / SBR


The current technical information has been carefully checked and given in good faith but it is not exempted from possible typing errors.

Historically, compounds have different commercial names in each market.
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