Tactile Flooring

In order to define the most adequate design, we examine the regulations in force in each country and seek the advice of local experts on the matter.

In this way, our tactile flooring counts on the recommendation of “Fundación ONCE” in Spain or the approval of the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) in Great Britain and has been installed in environments such as Madrid, Paris or London undergrounds, which are taken as some of the main references for the standardisation of universal accessibility.



Platform edge

Platform edge UK Platform edge - Spain

London Underground - UK


Palma Underground -Spain
Platform edge - Spain Platform edge - Portugal

Madrid Underground - Spain


Lisbon Underground - Portugal


Guiding System
Guiding System Guiding system

Jernhusen station - Sweden


Palma intermodal station - Spain
Guiding System Guiding system

Malvarrosa Beach - Spain


Istanbul Underground - Turkey


Information surfaces
Information surface Information surface

Museum in Toledo - Spain


Public lift in Madrid - Spain
Information surface Information surface

Lanzarote Airport - Spain


London Underground - UK



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