Maximum safety

Tactile Flooring

M2F1 & Bfl-S1 Classification for fire and smoke
The range of fire resistant materials offered by Trelleborg comply with UNE 23727-90 and NF F-16101 standards, apart from other European Regulations on this subject such as EN 13501-1 (Euroclasses). That is to say, it satisfies the most demanding European Directives regarding the fire resistance of materials installed in public places.
  • It is halogen free.
  • It is self-extinguishing (M2, according to French standard and Bfl-S1, according to Euroclasses).
  • It has low smoke emission and toxicity (F1).
  • In case of combustion, it emits smoke of low opacity (S1).
        tactile flooring - safety
Our designs comply with non-slip regulations of leading European accessibility bodies; external slip tests such as tests required by Metro Paris and London Underground (SATRA TM144 –LUL Req.) have been successfully passed.
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