Areas of application

Tactile Flooring

All the range of tactile paving is made in easy handled formats for easy transportation and handling to the final location.

Rapid installation makes it ideal for immediate and affordable adaptation of public places affected by new accessibility regulations. Especially, when it involves installations in places with difficult access for heavy machinery, as no civil work is required.

Signage for change of elevation, walking paths between relevant elements of a public place, signage of stairs, ramps, lifts, doors, counters, wagons, emergency exits …
Places of installation
•  Transport: Railway stations, underground stations, Airports, harbour terminals, bus stations, parking places…
•  Public buildings and public places: Government buildings, public institutions, hospitals and clinics, schools, universities…
•  Leisure and commercial spaces: Stadiums, sports facilities, cinemas and theatres, shopping centres, banks….
•  Tourism: Museums, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafeterias….
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