honey comb mattingNon-slip, mud-removing, with high damping and insulating power. It is particularly suitable for heavy transit areas. Open or closed, it is easily taken up and cleaned, and is ideal as a floor surface at work stations.

The open variety has been developed for self-draining, and is especially appropriate for swimming pools, health resorts, beach areas or any place where drainage is required.

Ideal for the workplace, it reduces tiredness and helps to increase productivity.
Available in:
Fire resistant grades
Oil resistant grades

Thickness 14 mm 22 mm
Dimensions (width x length in mm) 1000x1800 1000x1500
Colours Black Black
Bottom Open or Closed Open
   honey comb matting
Standard matting: HONEYCOMB [pdf, 500 kb]


The current technical information has been carefully checked and given in good faith but it is not exempted from possible typing errors.
Historically, compounds have different commercial names in each market.
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