High technical performance flooring

Specially designed for installation on premises with high resistance and safety requirements: heavily-frequented public spaces, naval and off-shore environments or military installations.

Our high-performance flooring combines differing degrees of resistance to wear, fire, electricity and oil, so that you can find the solution to suit your needs.




Long life, safety and comfort 

• Impact resistance
• Weather resistance
• Non-slip
• Does not reflect the light
• Vibration damping
• Noise isolation
• Long-lasting and easy installation
• Easy cleaning and maintenance



Specifications complied with by our flooring for military installations

• MIL – R – 6855E (US Dept. of Defense)
• MIL – M – 15562C (US Navy)
• IMO A.653 (16) (International)
• MMI – TMM 94/52 (Marina Militare, Italy)
• NAV 80-9395-0002-14-01B000 –Sep 2004 (Marina Militare, Italy)


Navy Suppliers
We have long left behind the years spent researching to develop a material for interior boat decks for the Italian Navy vessels, to exceed the Defence Ministry’s rigorous requirements:

• dielectric up to 40,000 volts
• slip resistance tested
• self-extinguishable
• low smoke emission in case of fire.

Today Trelleborg supplies this fireproof dielectric flooring not only to the Italian Navy but also to the Norwegian, Australian and Spanish Navies and other customers with high requirements.

European fire reaction and resistance and smoke emission classification

Our highest range is classed as M2F1 according to the UNE 23727 – 90 standard and Euroclass Bfl-S1 according to UNE EN 13501-1:2002. This means it is low flammability material with low emission of transparent, non-toxic smoke.

Dielectric strength standards

We are endorsed by the CEI IEC EN 60243-1 standard guaranteeing the electrical resistance of our flooring, which can withstand a voltage of up to 60,000 volts, depending on the thickness.


Circle Studs 



                             Circular studs flooring Diamond flooring Ribbed flooring Alveolar flooring
Fire-resistant x x x
Oil resistant x x x x
Dielectrics x x x
Wear resistant x x x


 Consult our sales team to find out which material is best for you. 

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