Tactile Flooring

The tactile flooring system is the best solution to help visually impaired citizens access transportation, building and other public areas. 
Due to its high visual and tactile contrast, the surface is easily noticed. On top of this, its regular surface increases individual mobility, and safety is achieved by means of the non-slippery properties of rubber, even under damp conditions. This product is easily bonded to any surface and is available in different sizes, aiding its installation in platforms, stairs, ramps, halls, lifts and so on.
      Tactile Flooring catalogue [pdf, 440 KB]


Our products


tactile flooring - platform edge tactile flooring - guiding system

Platform edge [pdf 100 kb]


Guiding systems [pdf, 120 kb]
tactile flooring - information suface tactile flooring - accessories

Information surfaces [pdf, 100 kb]


Accessories [pdf, 100 kb]


Designs are provided for each application and adapted to regulations in force in each country.

Product list by country [pdf, 300 kb]


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