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Manufacturing tolerances

Many factors involved in the rubber article production process can affect the final product dimensions, e.g. the proportion of materials used, curing and post-curing times, vulcanisation temperature and pressure or inserts of other materials. Even the storage humidity and temperature conditions can alter the conditions of a flexible product like rubber.

Trelleborg’s dimensional tolerance standards for its laminated products, when  no special manufacturing tolerances are applied, are as follows:  
Length:  ±2% (for rolls from 5 to 20 meters long)
Width: ±2%
Thickness: Thickness
in mm
 <1  <4  ≤5 ≤6 ≤8 ≤15 ≤20 ≤25 ≤30 
in mm  ±
±0,2 ±0,3 ±0,4 ±0,5 ±0,7 ±1 ±1,4 ±1,75 ±2

Contact our sales department to confirm your product manufacturing tolerances in case of doubt.


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