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About Us

Trelleborg Elastomer Laminates is a leading European manufacturer of Rubber Sheeting, Matting and Flooring.

We are specialists in developing new products and currently manufacture the widest range available on the market, including all types of natural and synthetic elastomers, always with defined and certified quality aiming to optimize the end use of the product.

About Us
We develop, manufacture and supply effective solutions in Industrial Rubber Sheeting, Matting and Flooring for markets all over the world.  We have expertise in the Automotive, Chemical, Paper, Construction and Shipbuilding industries.
Focus on Customer Benefits
Trelleborg knows that realising benefits for the customer is of key importance. Our focus is always to make the work easier and more comfortable for our customers and also their customers. This means we let our work be guided by our philosophy in providing comfort, safety and concern for the environment.
Continuous Development
Trelleborg invests heavily in research and development. We identify the customer needs from our experienced technical sales staff and then our chemists and engineers are dedicated to find the most cost-effective appropriate solutions. This is achieved through continuous development of new materials, composites, designs and manufacturing methods.

Trelleborg has more than 100 years of experience of manufacturing rubber products, with a history of stability and commitment to quality and continuous improvement to find better solutions and products.

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


Trelleborg trains and informs employees about environmental, health and safety issues and involve them in a continuous improvement process.
All production and development units implement and maintain a certified environmental management system in accordance with and ISO 14001:2004.

Careers in Trelleborg
Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions able to offer diverse opportunities, where passionate and talented people have the possibility to grow and develop.

At Trelleborg, the method of working is decentralized, with extensive delegation of responsibility and authority. Our history of more than 100 years, like our future, is built on the continuous motivation to identify new solutions to complex problems. It is our competent and committed employees who make this happen.
You can find our current vacancies on:

We are a part of the Trelleborg Group.
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