Fair employment

Trelleborg Group's policy approach to fair employment, including diversity and equality issues, is best mirrored in this excerpt from the Group's Code of Conduct:

Fair employment practices
Our fundamental principle is that we respect our employees and their human rights.

  • We will not apply special treatment to employees in regard to employment or work assignments on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinions, or social or ethnic origin.
  • Trelleborg employees shall not harass or discriminate against any colleague or business partner for any reason.
  • We will respect our employees’ right to be represented by unions and other employee representatives, as well as their right to take part in collective employment agreements.
  • Wages and salaries will be paid as agreed and on time. We will recognize good performance and extra efforts.
  • We work for the abolition of child labor within our sphere of influence. The minimum age for working in our operations is 15 years, and not younger than the compulsory school age in individual countries.
  • We do not allow illegal or forced labor in our own operations or in the operations of our suppliers or any other parties with whom we cooperate.

Development of human capital
Our fundamental principle is that we will provide appropriate training to improve skill levels.

  • All employees are responsible for their personal development of skills and capabilities.
  • In accordance with business needs, we will provide the opportunity to improve our employees’ capabilities in order to develop their professional skills and enhance their social and economic opportunities.
  • Competence development activities shall aim at creating the right conditions to fulfill present and future requirements.
  • We will provide tools and training to support the implementation of the Code of Conduct, its components and underlying policies.
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