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Trelleborg careers develop skills and release potential – giving you the upward momentum and freedom of movement to explore opportunities within a dynamic, diverse global engineering group dedicated to accelerating performance for customers. 

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Interesting facts are a bi-product when you are a world leader producing innovative
engineered polymer solutions for a huge range of critical applications.

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Trelleborg can offer attractive career paths and continuous development within a high-performance global group.

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Trelleborg University

Trelleborg Group University

The main purpose of the Trelleborg Group University is to provide our people with the skills and competences required to contribute and playing a leading role in the long-term success of our Group The Group University comprises a diverse range of managerial and functional learning modules, workshops, e-learning and on-the-job tuition. These are designed for employees at different stages of their careers, from graduates that have recently joined to newly appointed professionals, as well as middle and senior management. The Group University supports our focus on driving performance and creating strong employee engagement.


To find out more about working in the Trelleborg Group, get in touch with the relevant contact below:


Maurizio Avagnale

Trelleborg Coated Systems

Strada Provinciale 140
26855 Lodi Vecchio

tel: +39 037 140 61


Helene Mauritzon Taylor

Trelleborg Industrial Solutions

Johan Kocksgatan 10
23181 Trelleborg

tel: +46 410 510 00


Eva Svensson

Trelleborg Offshore & Construction

Johan Kocksgatan 10
231 81 Trelleborg

tel: +46 410 510 00


Keeley White

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

International Drive
Tewkesbury Business Park
GB-Gloucestershire, GL20 8UQ

tel: +44 1684 857 613

Trelleborg paolo astarita

Paolo Astarita

Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Via Naz. Tiburtina, 143
00010 Villa Adriana (Roma)

tel: +39 0774 38 41


Sören Andersson Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Trelleborg Group Head Office

Johan Kocksgatan 10
PO Box: 153
SE-231 22 Trelleborg 

tel: +46 410 670 00