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Radar Absorbent Material


Deception as a modern defence
As the sophistication of acquisition sensors and weapon systems increases, signature management and deception techniques are playing an even more important role in modern warfare, by increasing the survivability of vital assets.  All military ground installations and platforms have distinctive radar signatures. The application of signature management techniques and materials makes it possible to protect these by adapting and reducing their signatures to make them less detectable. This, together with the use of radar decoys, confuses the attacking force by making it very difficult to identify the target or the size of the threat.

The Company
Trelleborg Signature Management has manufactured and designed Radar Absorbent Materials [RAM] for almost 20 years. Previously known as Woodville Polymer Engineering and Dowty Signature Management, we are now proud to be part of the Trelleborg Group. We currently supply UK MOD and its contractors and have supplied products to defence organisations throughout the world.

The Products

Trelleborg Signature Management designs and manufactures a variety of narrowband, broadband and multi-layer absorbers. These absorbers are produced in many forms from elastomers and foams through to composites.

Trelleborg’s RAM can be applied to a platform in a variety of forms, enabling the most suitable material to be used across the widest range of applications.
In addition radar scattering and absorbing materials can be combined with camouflage and IR and thermal materials to provide multi-spectral signature reduction.
Typical Applications Include:
  • Warships - RCS reduction
  • Military aircraft
  • Military land vehicles
  • Low loss materials
  • Sensor systems
Trelleborg Signature Management has extensive manufacturing and test equipment for RAM products, as well as an in-house design capability for the materials you need. We are committed to delivering high quality signature management products tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements.
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