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About Us

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Trelleborg AEM offers more than 20 years experience in the manufacture of high performance tooling materials. Through constant innovation and development we have expanded our range of epoxy based tooling boards to cater for all needs from light modelling work through to high performance carbon fiber component production.

Recognizing that it is important to have the correct supplementary products, we have developed an extensive range of complementary adhesives, sealers and repair pastes.

Trelleborg AEM the hollow glass microsphere over 50 years ago and has also pioneered the development of high performance man rated syntactic foams and high temperature plug assists.

Our new state of the art plant, including our new research and development center produces syntactic foams, extrusions, coated glass microspheres, macrospheres and Syntac®  syntactic foam materials. These products are used to fabricate advanced composite parts, adhesives, signature management systems and tooling into the aerospace, defense, marine and general industrial market places.

Careers in Trelleborg
Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions able to offer diverse opportunities, where passionate and talented people have the possibility to grow and develop.

At Trelleborg, the method of working is decentralized, with extensive delegation
of responsibility and authority. Our history of more than 100 years, like our
future, is built on the continuous motivation to identify new solutions to complex
problems. It is our competent and committed employees who make this happen.

You are welcome to send us an open application or view our current vacancies on

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