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Syntactic composite material for thermoforming

Syntac® syntactic foam plug assists are produced using high purity, hollow glass microballoons in a high-performance epoxy matrix. These products are favored by aerospace and military customers due to the stringent specifications that they can be manufactured to. 

Manufactured in machinable blocks, sheets and rods these products are known for their outstanding consistency, low void content and easy, low-dust, high-speed milling.

Our syntactic foam plug assist materials also benefit from technical support from a world class team of experts.

The performance of these products meets or exceeds other Syntac® syntactic foam plug assist materials on the market.
Benefits of our syntactic foam plug asists:
  • Promote even sheet distribution
  • Prevent chill marks yielding parts with a high quality, haze free surface
  • Eliminate webbing (sheet creasing/folding in corners)
  • Maintain dimension stability at high temperature
  • Offer low thermal conductivity, minimizing plug sticking and fouling
  • Exhibit light weight for easy handling
  • Provide for reduced cycle times to improve production cost efficiencies
  • Can be coated, e.g. with Teflon, as required
  • Better durability than wood, felt and solid polymer tooling for longer tool life
  • Maximise tooling flexibility with availability in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms: Blocks, Sheet, Rods, Frozen - one-component kit.
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