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Our aerospace products have a wide range of applications with a primary benefit of reducing weight and improving structural integrity

AEM Product Group supplies a wide range of aerospace grade, high purity glass and ceramic microballoons to the aerospace industry. These lightweight spheres are manufactured with denisties ranging from 0.10g/cc to 0.38g/cc with uniform wall thickness and consistent size distributions which can be tailored to suit customers' requirements. The products offer outstanding flowability for ease of processing.

Many of the microspheres that we make are silane-treated to help increase moisture resistance and improve the mechanical properties of high performance, lightweight resin systems used in aviation/aerospace applications.
Other new generation balloons are manufactured to improve flame retardance in composite compounds.
Additional microspheres applications include; reducing radar detectability of aircraft, protecting delicate electronic components, decreasing vibration in jet engines, reducing paint weight and increasing resistance to high temperature exposure.
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