Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility work is important for Trelleborg's long-term value creation, and spans the entire sustainability area, from environment, health and safety issues to compliance and ethical relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society as a whole. The four focus areas in Trelleborg are Compliance, Resource use, Diversity and Social engagement. Read more in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Focus Areas

Trelleborg has identified four distinct areas of importance, called our Focus Areas, by asking internal and external stakeholders which aspects of sustainability really matter to them. 

CR Performance 2015

This is a summary of the four focus areas that make up Trelleborg’s main corporate responsibility efforts, including goals and 2015 results. Click on the hotspots or scroll down for more information.



We reduce our climate impact mainly by being energy efficient.

Workforce Balance

Diversity is a natural part of international operations.

Health & Safety

Trelleborg stands for a shared Safety@Work culture.

Legal & Code of Conduct compliance

Compliance with laws and codes is the basis for our corporate responsibility.

Community Involvement 

Local development programs are at the heart of our social engagement.


Our supply chain responsibility becomes more and more important.

Legal & Code of Conduct Compliance (A)

  • Goal: Zero tolerance policy for cases of bribery, corruption, cartel or criminal involvement, child labor, forced labor, or discrimination. 
  • Result 2015: No significant breaches reported, except 8 cases of discrimination that are currently under investigation or where disciplinary action has been taken.

Suppliers (B)

  • Goal: Review suppliers regarding their adherence to the Trelleborg Code of Conduct (CoC). This review should reflect at least 80 percent of the relevant purchasing value of the Trelleborg Group.
  • Result 2015: 84 percent of the relevant purchasing value. Trelleborg’s suppliers are reviewed through self-reporting, but in 2015, comprehensive auditing by Trelleborg of suppliers in risk zones started, strengthening our supplier reviews.


Health & Safety (C)

  • Goal: Every Trelleborg production unit should have less than 3 LWC (lost work cases) and less than an average of 50 days lost due to occupational injuries and illnesses per 100 full time employees, per year.
  • Result 2015: The LWC goal was achieved by 74 percent of Trelleborg production units and the days lost due to occupational injuries and illnesses goal was achieved by 72 percent of Trelleborg production units. Note: when Trelleborg makes acquisitions, it can take time for the acquired production unit to improve practices and reach Trelleborg’s goal.

Climate (D)

  • Goal: “15 by 15” target: 15 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions (as compared to sales/per 1 million Swedish kronor) by 2015 compared to the base year 2008, which showed 14.1 tons of carbon dioxide emitted per 1 million Swedish kronor.
  • Result 2015: The “15 by 15” target was accomplished – 2015 showed 20 percent decrease in relative emissions (as compared to sales) from 2008; the 2015 figure was 11.3 tons of carbon dioxide emitted per 1 million Swedish kronor.


Workforce Balance (E)

  • Goal: A balanced representation of gender (especially in management roles), representative nationalities where we operate, and young employees as well as older, more experienced employees.
  • Result 2015: Trelleborg has 24 percent females at management levels 2-5 and is working towards improving that percentage and well as being representative when it comes to nationality and age.

Social Engagement

Community Involvement (F)

  • Goal: Support the development of a diverse and including society everywhere we are present through local projects including activities for children, youth, and functionally disabled.
  • Result 2015: Support in the local communities where we operate through sports sponsorship programs, social activities, and educational programs. We had 5 ongoing educational programs in 2015, and are looking to expand this in the future.

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What really matters

What really matters to our most important stakeholders – Customers, Employees and Shareholders? Learn about the process behind the identification of our Focus Areas – Compliance, Resources, Diversity and Social Engagement.
What really matters

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Corporate responsibility framework

Internally, the basis of Trelleborg’s work on corporate responsibility issues is the Group’s Code of Conduct, whose content is built upon globally recognized guidelines such as UN Human Rights principles. Externally, the reporting on Corporate Responsibility is prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

CR framework


Read how our corporate responsibility activities contribute to Trelleborg’s total performance.


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