Kargo Press-On PBB

Kargo Press-On PBB

Kargo Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) Press-On tires are a maintenance-free solution for airlines and airport authorities worldwide.

The Kargo PBB Press-On provides safety, security and stability in a wide variety of high cycle airports that require 100% uptime.

Under normal service conditions, Kargo PBB Press-On tires have lasted 10 years or more, providing a long term cost savings versus traditional pneumatic tires.

• Ideal for passenger boarding bridges that are equipped with press-on rims

• Increase maneuverability of the bridge, creating a safer docking environment for aircraft

• Eliminate maintaining high inflation pressures required by traditional pneumatic tires


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Technical Data

40 x 16 x 30
36 x 16 x 30
28 x 16 x 22
22 x 14 x 16
28 x 12 x 22
28 x 10 x 22

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