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Professional farmers share some of their most interesting stories about Trelleborg solutions

Trelleborg VIP

«...Using VIP, we achieve low soil compaction, so the water can drain more easily»

Trelleborg TM1000 High Power

“...and we have chosen the TM1000 High Power for the 1050 because this is a great tire…”

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Henk Dirksen, dairy farmer

"Trelleborg Tires help me do it better, because it’s all for the cows!"

Kurt Robson, professional farmer

"We measured over 5% less slip with Trelleborg, which resulted in great savings."

Jerry Scotchman, arable manager

"The TM900s give us the flotation we need for top work, plus the traction that’s required for heavier jobs…"

James Sapsed, professional farmer

“…we could put more lugs on the ground and vastly improve grip and performance by reducing pressures…”

Jim Tarry, tractor operator

"Performance justifies decision to choose tyres over tracks."

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