Material flexibility

With access to in-house mixing resources we have a material portfolio that can focus on finding the right material for your application without compromises.

Extrusion of roof bar seals

Multiple & co-extrusion 

Does your solution benefit from material combinations or will the multi cavity profile be the best fit for your application? We are equipped to meet your needs. 
Colorful granuels

Widest material portfolio

We can help make your offer even more competitive with ingenious material improvements that protect even better against effective vibration, moisture, temperature and particles.

Reliable quality

To have quality in everything you do is one thing, being reliable in demonstrating it over time is another. With more than 100 years of experience in meeting customer expectations we look forward to being challenged by you.

In-line quality control

Throughout the production cycle we can super vice, measure and scan the surface, the shape and a tailored length providing you with a product meeting your specification.

Service quality

We can provide a wide range of services, you decide what support is important for your business. Whatever choice, quality is guaranteed.
Trelleborg gaskets for solar panels

Quality design expertise

Our in-house design experts are part of the value we provide you with. They make sure that your solution is perfectly fitted to the application.

Delivery quality

We understand the value of the commitment you make to your customers. Our focus is to help you find a solution, and produce and deliver it on time and on budget.

Perfect functionality

Functionality is a topic that opens up for many questions. You can be sure that we will ask a lot of questions.

FEA measuring functionality

Finite Element Analysis provides the possibility to test different designs or material combinations. The output could be displayed as  images, films and charts.
Weather seals from Trelleborg

Properties & functionality

The design evaluation when simulating a solution can cover a wide range of critical parameters. Your access to our in-house competence is part of making the development phase a safe journey.

Functionality in focus

In parts of the construction with no visibility you need to relay on the functionality performed by the solutions that seal, damp and protect. Read more on how to secure your application.
Idea generation with Trelleborg

Functionality & innovation

Did you know that we have more than 100 years of innovation in our company? Your challenges could be turned into innovations and provide added value for your customers.

Easy application

Easy application will affect your business far beyond the product itself. Ensure you have the right input for the complete life cycle of your application.

Laser & ink

You can get your profiles marked with instructions, create product differentiation or simply making your brand stand out.

Frame making

Did you know that we are frame makers? You could think about leaving this part of your process to us. Take the opportunity to discuss your needs when it comes to frame making.

Find and compare profiles

We want to make it easy for you to compare our profiles.
Have look at the new web tool. 

Surface treatment

The demands on your application to deal with fire, water, energy loss or noise reduction are growing every day. Ask for our help in solving your problems. 

Clip on made easy

Functionality that can reduces time, reduces weight or the number of tools in your fitting process.