Mould release membrane for tiles

Auxiliary element for the mould removal process for clay tiles and accessories.

membrane for tilesThese membranes facilitate removal of the clay piece from the mould and provide the required exterior finish.

Their special composition, in natural rubber, provides them with exceptional mechanical properties and durability: they withstand heavy stresses and deformation, recovering their elasticity over multiple cycles. 
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Clay composition and consistency, press type and tile design are all factors determining the elasticity and heat resistance of this membrane. We recommend different formulations, depending on the case:
Ref Colour Hardness
Sh. A
RF09 Natural 40
R397 Red 35
RF08 Black 40 Greater heat resistance
Other colours available
Thicknesses and surface finishes
These membranes are available in several thicknesses and with textured finishes on both faces, which can even be different on the same membrane to cater for the special features of each production process.

The thickness and end finish of one of the faces – the face that makes contact with the mould – will depend on how technically demanding the process is. The print on the other face of the membrane provides the tile with its end finish.
Thicknesses: 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm and 2 mm.

Types of print recommended according to the grain size, viscosity and degree of adherence of the clay:
Tile range Print Grain size Viscosity   Adherence
Rustic Coarse High High High
Standard Fine Fine Medium Low
Smooth Extra-fine Fine Low Non-adherent

In rolls or sheets.
Consult our sales team to find out which solution is best for you.
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